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CKF operates in the integration of services and products related to professional sound and audiovisual systems. Our services range from project design, monitoring work being performed until the final delivery of the work.

Our products are traditionally recognized in the market for their quality and durability. Additionally, we have several product lines that meet different segments of business, areas (internal and external) and budgets.

We invest in smart and final solutions, looking for the best cost-effective solution to meet our customers´ requirements. Our work strategy is "do once and well", and we dedicate the necessary time and resources to provide products and services with quality, efficiency and reliability. As a result, many of our sound systems are in operation for over 20 years with exceptionally low levels of maintenance.

Through our business lines: Projects, Special Projects, Technical Support, Installation, Products, Special Products, Training, Start Up and Technical Advice, we are at your disposal to assist with any need within the areas of our operations, such as:

Project development, analysis and change;
Budgeting based on existing projects;
Project implementation;
Implementation consulting;
Operational training;
Technical maintenance (preventive and corrective);
Shared and parabolic antenna systems;
CCTV systems - B & W, Color, Digital;
Audiovisual systems;
Digital and analog sound systems;
Multimedia systems;


Provide quality services related to sound and audiovisual systems, aiming at exceeding our customers´ expectations and adding quality, efficiency and agility in all stages of the process with the best cost-effective solution.


Behave ethically;
Respect people;
Encourage teamwork and trust among people;
Cultivate excellence in everything we do;
Seek continuous progress;
Seek innovative solutions;

Future Vision

We want to be recognized as the best company in the area of sound and audiovisual systems. We want our projects to stand out due to quality, responsiveness and innovation in implementing intelligent and definitive solutions.